The 72nd Hunger Games were considered perhaps one of the most deadly arena’s ever created. Set in an abandoned city, the arena was littered with booby traps, making it hard to move around arena without setting one off. But staying still was not an option either, if a tribute lingered to long hidden in a building, it would begin to crumble beneath them. Either trapping them in the rubble or alerting a tribute close by to their location. Victor Hazel Pearson of District 9, was never a favourite in the games, in-fact the only favourite in the 72nd hunger games was a handsome classically trained career tribute from district 1. With his good looks and charming personality, he had the Capitol from the get go, and never wanted for anything in the arena. However Hazel’s natural athletic ability kept her safe, in an arena that changed so rapidly. She was able to move swiftly through the abandoned city and stay ahead of the other tributes. When the pool of tributes thinned, she began to lay deadly traps of her own around the arena, using broken parts of cars and other objects she was able to find. Then using her speed, she simply lead her blood thirsty competitors straight into the traps, killing them instantly. She took out four tributes this way, and fatally injured the favourite from 1, by cutting his arm clean off. When it came down the final fight between her and the boy from 1, he over powered her easily and pinned he to the ground, trapping her beneath him. However due to the injury she had caused him, he wanted some payback and drew out her death making it slow and tortuous. Sore and bleeding Hazel lashed out in one last ditch attempt to save her life. She grabbed a rock from some rubble close by and brought it crashing against the boys head three times, killing him and crowning her victor. 


Jake/Cassie - Leave Love Bleeding

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The Secret Circle - Perfect [Jake ♥ Cassie]

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Cassie’s b/f Jake has a one night stand with his ex, Faye. Can Cassie forgive him?

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