“I’ll go with you.”

Okay, the reason I ship Cake -and I’m going to keep it simple-


is because in everything he does, you can tell he is thinking about Cassie.

He has proven the he doesn’t care about anyone else if Cassie is in danger- and to some that might sound bad- but that’s love.

He has proven that he’ll hand over his head on a platter if that means Cassie will be safe and sound.

He lets her be with Adam and doesn’t talk down about him around her, even though his thoughts might not be so pure. As for Adam, who can’t say one nice thing in front of Cassie about Jake at all.

Sure, they might be written in the stars- but what control does that really have? You should make your own decisions, not have it already planned out for you.

I have read the book and no, I don’t like Cassie and Adam in them either. So there, those are my reasons. Agree to disagree or whatever- but it’s true.


Thank you, for saving my daughters life. You obviously care for her   I do

see? i can take care of myself.


Have you ever killed a witch?